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Derek Hynd

Susan  Gottlieb

Rebecca Olive

Louise Victoria Jeffredo

Shaun Tomson

Aga Maksimowska

Michael Scott Moore

Greg  Bogaerts

Cori Schumacher

Andrea Frost

Brian Barbeito

Carole Lander

Clifton Evers

Madelaine Dickie

Byron Alexander Campbell

Rashaan Meneses

Taylor Claire Miller


Kim Satchell

Corrina Cop Rain  Mcfarlane

Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner

Susan  Adams

Louise Victoria Jeffredo

Trevor Abes

Carolyn Abbs

Celeste Snowber

Mara  Nichols

Rhonda Melanson


Dane Peterson

Hugo  Muecke


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Volume 3, Issue 2, May 2011.

Cover Art
Bryant Austin

Journal Layout
Kåre Martens


Brandon Thomas Wickes
Mags Webster
John Egan
Les Wicks
E. E. Cummings
Joe Massingham
Gail Willems


Bryant Austin
Keith Nesbitt
Pat Gorbunovs


Karen de Perthuis
Guy Salvidge
N. A. Bourke
Pat Grant
Simon Taylor
Gary Leonard
David Redhill
Rebecca Olive
Sarah Drummond
Peter Bowes
Jim Hearn
Dina El Dessouky
Emily Scheese
Tom Mahony
Chris Morgan

 © Copyright 2011 – Kurungabaa. All rights reserved.


© Copyright 2010 – Kurungabaa. All rights reserved.

Volume 3, Issue 1, June 2010.

Cover Art
Grant Cornett

Journal Layout
Alex Leonard

Stochasticity – Thomas Williams 3

Art images
Vanessa Janss 35

In Phan Thiet – Huu Thinh 10
The Song of Whanake 18
Between – Mark Tredinnick 23
Salt – Richard Harms 46
Nocturne – Richard Harms 48
death of sorts – James McMillan 52
Third Eye – Felix Ratcliff 59
Wave-Tip – Melody Lemond 68

Morning Routines on Bondi Beach – Andrew Metcalfe, Ann Game,
Belinda Clayton, Luca De Francesco 4
Kelp Fiction – Daniel Crockett 12
The Green Longboard – Mike Mantalos 13
Rivermouth – Rebecca Olive 17
The Deputy – Peter Bowes 19
No Respect – Tim Edwards 21
Hermetic Barrels – Noah Sabich 22
In Favour of Coastal Myth – Gerry Bobsien 24
Quota – Jock Serong 26
Boarder Land Lost – Robin Canniford 29
The Black Coolite – Shane Dunn 32
The Table of Knowledge – Madelaine Dickie 34
The New Sarcasm – Nick Carroll 44
On Andrew Kidman’s Ether – Steve Shearer 49
Revival – Patrick Moser 54
Reading Water – Shé Hawke 57
Smitty’s Dad – Tom Mahony 66
Intergendergenerational – Taylor Miller 67
Special Fried Rice – Jim Hearn 69
In a Single Generation – James J. Fox 72

Derek Hynd – Clifton Evers 15
Cher Pendarvis – Jamie Watson 62

© Copyright 2010 – Kurungabaa. All rights reserved.

Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2010.

Cover art
Pulukan – Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan
Chantel Schott
Leonie Jackson and Shé Hawke (art and haiku)

Post-Warming – Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán
Ocean – Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán
Prominence – Ahimsa Timoteo Bodhrán
‘elua – Craig Santos Perez and Brandy Nalani McDougall
‘eh – Craig Santo Perez and Brandy Nalani McDougall
Waiting for Shipwrecks – Madelaine Dickie
Autumn dawnie at Werong – Madelaine Dickie
Every Morning Decision – Tom Bolo
Storm Girl – David Prater
Merry Weather – David Prater
Longing – Matthew Arnold
Beringer Rose – Kate Graham

We’re All In This Together – Phil Weston
His Inappropriate Heart – Lisa Walker
195 Pounds – Pete Lewis
Tusk – Adam Waldie
Surfers Who Work – Peter Bowes
Watego’s – Jim Hearn
Children of the Rain – Craig Baird
Frankie’s Wave – Harry B. Sanderford
Red Sea – Emma Ashmere
Connections – Andy Cochran
Crystal – Matt Van Riet
Leaving Sugar Mountain – Karen de Perthius
Tasting the Ocean – Rebecca Olive
Summer at Midmorning – Tom Mahony
Fall at Dusk – Tom Mahony
Winter at Noon – Tom Mahony
Mosshead Point – Daniel Crockett
Wave Cave – Brent Lillie
Is God a Surfer? – Steve Nug
l’appassionata de l’acqua – Leonie Jackson
Grot – Dina El Dessouky
Paul Ryan – Alex Leonard

David vs Rip Curl – Steve Shearer
Wigs Keep Out – Clifton Evers

kurungabaa vol. 2 no. 1 cover(2)

© Copyright 2009 – Kurungabaa. All rights reserved.

Volume 2, Issue 1, June 2009.

Cover Artwork
Wyewurk – Garry Shead

Hola! from Chile

Dean Dampney
Garry Shead

The Witness – Peter Bowes
Pete – Cyrill Lachauer
Dino’s Left – Niega
So Kaena Point – Drew Kampion
Clarity – Tom Mahony
What It Feels Like for a Girl – Karen de Perthius
Ghosts – Craig Baird
The Point – Mike Buckley
Surfing at Wyewurk – Joseph Davis
My Life as a Surf Cult – Mark Sutherland
The Three Men from the Future – Adam Matthews
Whiff – Jamie Brisick
Musica Surfica – Mick Sowry
Older Surfers, Newer Discourses – Mark Cherry
Gener-AL HUNT-er and Collector – Paul Scott
Doomed to the Dept of Cheese? – Nick Carroll
Beaching Water: 1975 to 2007 – She Hawke
Shark Island Pits and Safety Nets: The Cronulla Race Riot – Clifton Evers
Yellow Poet Hard Hat Gunna Be A Plumber On The Cover Of Centrelink Magazine – Steve Devas
Nation, Country and Indigenous Surfing – Colleen McGloin
Waiting for the Tide, Tuning in the World – Ama no Isobue: Soundscape of Abalone Diving Women – Kumi Kato
Surfism: a Model of Spatio-Temporal Perception – Daniel Webber
A Marxist Critique of Surf Tourism in the Mentawai Islands – Glen Reeves
Deep Water – Adam Waldie

Kieron ‘Seamouse’ Lewis – Satch

Exfoliations – Rebecca Olive
Surfing Kalihiwai – ku’ualoha ho’omanawanui
Kalihi Kai – ku’ualoha ho’omanawanui
Waiting for Windows – Peter Fritzler
Madame La Faille of Punaauia – Dina El Dessouky
Higher Education – Dina El Dessouky
On the Sea – John Keats


© Copyright 2008 – Kurungabaa. All rights reserved.

Volume 1, Issue 3, December 2008.


On the Cover

Wave by Jon Frank

From one of our Editors

Surfing and Place by Dina El Dessouky


Jon Frank

Story/Reflection/Essay: Surfing and Place

The Colonisation of Cape Solander by Stuart Nettle

Interview with Rick Shapter by Stuart Nettle

Sandon Point: Shifting Signifiers by Gary Leonard

In Praise of Surf Spots by Kim Satchell

Cactus Tripping by Mark Stranger

Another Day, Another Wave by Paul Stanton

NYC’s New Wave: Exploring an Unlikely Surfing Revival in Queens by Carl Critz

Kamchatsky Season by Ed Gabov (Bi-lingual: Translated by Alex Leonard)

‘I Never had a Barbie’: Adventures of an American Surfer in Indonesia (1) by Randall Jaya Regular

Costa Rica by Thomas Williams

The C Street Pursuit by Jeff Dinunzio

Surf’s Up in Sweden by Tyson Ballard (Bi-lingual: Translated by Katarina Olausson)

From Vladivostok to Hawai’i: First Steps by Valery Gordeichuk (Bi-lingual: Translated by Alex Leonard)

Les Girls: A Day the the Beach by Peter Bowes

A Place of Truth by Tom Mahoney

Story/Reflection/Essay: Other

Ignorance is Bliss by Rebecca Olive

Cosmic Surf Wars (1-2) by DC Green


Trust or Fear? by Clifton Evers


Tubby and Hoskit do Sumbawa by Pat Grant


The Albatross by Charles Baudelaire

Heaven so High by Agata Kamenosuke

© Copyright 2008 – Kurungabaa. All rights reserved.

Volume 1, Issue 2, July 2008.


From One of Our Editors

Investing in Surfing Magazines by Stu Nettle


Summers Gone by Tara June Winch

My Mate Jonno by Snapper

Full Moon at Luna Park by Darius Devas

Tough Love is Choosing Your Own Adventure by Robin Canniford

After Broken Head by Rebecca Olive

Country Girl by Peter Bowes


Giving Newcastle the (Surf) Flick by Paul Scott

The Endless Summer and the Other in Us by Adam Rumack

Studying Surfing by Mark Stranger


Nick Carroll Interview by Alex Leonard


Queer Waves by Clifton Evers


Beach of a Moonlit Night by Nakahara Chuya

Body Surfing by Richard Tipping

the eye in Her blue hand by Dina El Dessouky

The Outer Banks (Part 10) by W. D. Ehrhart


The New Spot by Pat Grant


Paintings by Jason ‘Miff’ Swales, with interview by Stu Nettle