Submission Guidelines

Emails for submissions:

Please send initial submission to

Clifton Evers: clifton.evers {AT}

You can also send submissions to

Dina El Dessouky: deldesso {AT}
Kim Satchell: kim.satchell {AT}
Oliver Nicholson: oldo.nicho {AT}
Rebecca Olive: rebeccajaneolive {AT}
SimonO: simondorsogna {AT}
Taylor Miller: taylorclairemiller {AT}


Make your work look as simple as possible. We will format your piece to make it look attractive; please don’t try to do that for us. If you make your piece look nice with centred heading, bold sub-heading, and fancy fonts, we will just have to take all of that out.

Aligned margins.

1.5 spacing throughout the text (with a single space between each paragraph).

Font should be Times New Roman 12 point.

Don’t use ALL CAPITALS anywhere in your piece.

Tabs: no tabs or paragraph indents, please. We prefer paragraphs not to be indented. Where you really do need to provide some space, use SPACEBAR characters instead.

Magazine and book titles are in italic, poem titles (when you are mentioning a poem in a review, say) are in “quotes”, and not bold or italic. NEVER use underline. Example: 

John Ashbery’s poem “Two Scenes” begins his first collection of poems, Some Trees, which was published in 1956.

If you’re sending an interview, please don’t make the questions or answers italic. A little italic goes a long way on a computer screen, and because the uprights of the characters are angled, they become jagged and hard to read. Just start the questions with Q: and the answers with A:, or use the interlocutors’ surnames or initials.

If you have special formatting requests please let us know so we don’t change it.

Articles are to be no longer than 2000 words in length (this can be negotiated).

Please include a brief author biography with your submissions.

Email as a Microsoft Word attachment (.doc).

Don’t send your material inside an email: when you have checked your file carefully, send the file as an attachment to an email, not inside the body of the email.

When you send in corrections, just send a list of corrections. Do not send in the whole file again.

Photos are best sent as

•                JPG files

•                full RGB color

•                ‘high’ quality

•               10 out of 10 on the quality scale

•                resolution at 300 pixels per inch

•                Make sure the file name ends with the suffix ‘.jpg’ (not ‘.jpeg’) in lower case.

Please do not send your photos gathered together into one file and compressed. If you need to send a number of photos, send them as separate attachments to one email.